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Spray foam insulation is great because this product will provide you with efficiency and comfort. Most homes will experience a number of benefits if they are insulated with spray foam, but there are a few problems you can run into, and the following are four pitfalls of spray foam insulation:

It Is Not Thick Enough

This can happen with both closed-cell foam and open-cell foam, although it is more common with closed-cell foam because this doesn’t fill the cavity, so spot checks are necessary for different places to ensure this does not happen. Coverage needs to be uniform because heat will go through the under-insulated areas, and average thickness doesn’t cut it. Spray foam needs to be applied properly, and if this is the case, the temperature in your attic will not be much higher than the temperature in your house.

The Installers Missed Some Of The Air Leakage Sites

It is a must that the installers seal the envelope completely; otherwise, you will not get to experience its air sealing ability. It can’t seal the areas where it’s not sprayed, so the installers cannot miss any areas; otherwise, humid air can enter the room, and condensation can occur as a result.

The Installers Sprayed Too Little Or Too Much

Installers have to understand the building enclosure; otherwise, they can spray too little or too much, which will result in excess heat loss or gain. It is sometimes hard to see exactly where the building enclosure is and if this area is missed, there may be an air leak, and you will experience thermal bypass, which occurs whenever there is a lack of insulation. It is important that every part of the building enclosure be insulated, so this aspect has to be identified and is the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned space.

The Spray Foam Contracts And Pulls Away From Framing

This, too, can happen with both closed- and open-cell foam and is generally the result of a bad batch of chemicals, improper mixing, or too high a temperature. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because it is problematic, and even if an area is uninsulated just a little bit, it can still result in a lot of wasted energy when the entire house has that problem.

Just because a home is insulated with spray foam, it does not mean that comfort and efficiency are guaranteed because every product can have its disadvantages, and this includes spray foam as well. The good news, however, is that these problems do not happen very often and can be resolved with proper planning.

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