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At Imperial Drywall, we know drywall, it’s in our name! No home renovation can be successful without proper drywalling, and we have what it takes to give you exactly that. Our team has years of experience in the drywalling industry, and that means you can count on us to get the job done right every time! Our drywall is installed properly with the right tools and equipment; we use proper drywall screws to secure the sheets. Drywall is important for a number of reasons including soundproofing, fire resistance, and visual appeal. All of Imperial Drywall’s work is guaranteed to produce a great end result that you will be more than satisfied with.
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A drywall company’s Edmonton job consists of several steps, and one of the most important of these steps is framing. Drywall framing is used to prepare a wall for drywall installation, and since drywall sheets are manufactured to a universal size, all the framing on which they will be applied complies with specific dimensions. This universal sizing makes it easier to install framing and drywall alike, and Imperial Drywall promises any framing job to be fast and efficiently done. When you choose to have a home renovation done with Imperial Drywall, you can be sure that the job will be done right, and that the framing will lay the proper foundation for a fantastic finished product.
Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton


At Imperial Drywall, we handle insulation in the most professional way possible, with many years of experience laying the groundwork for a job well done. Insulating is a key part of the drywalling process in any home renovation project; proper attic insulation will help to make your home warmer in the wintertime and cooler over the summer months, which will lead to less energy consumption and savings on your energy bill. At Imperial Drywall, we take pride in our experience in the industry, and we use that experience to give you the desired outcomes you expect each and every time. Our insulation services are always done in a timely manner, meaning you can go about your day and leave the job to the professionals.
T Bar Ceiling

T-Bar Ceiling

T-bar ceilings are often used to hide structural ceilings or light fixtures, but they are also often used to create a different visual atmosphere in a room. At Imperial Drywall, we have everything required to construct a visually appealing T-bar ceiling in an efficient and timely manner. A suspended T-bar ceiling could be exactly what you are looking for if you want to change up the look in one of your home’s rooms. Imperial Drywall is your best source for T-bar ceiling design and construction; with a team of experienced professionals that have a passion for designing and building impressive home renovations.
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Taping your drywall yourself can be an agonizing task, with even the smallest mistakes causing big problems in the appearance of your walls. By hiring professionals, such as those at Imperial Drywall, to handle all of your taping needs, you can be sure that the job is going to be done correctly the first time. We use only the best taping techniques in order to get you the desired results. Mistakes and flaws in your drywall taping can result in hundreds of dollars in repairs, and sometimes even complete replacements. Save some time, stress, and money when it comes to your taping by choosing to have a professional team at drywall companies in Edmonton handle the job.
T Bar Ceiling


The team at Imperial Drywall is committed to a final product that looks good, and this is why we include texture work in our services. In order to get an aesthetically pleasing look with your new home renovation, you’ll need to customize the look of your walls and/or ceiling. Textures are an excellent way to do just this, and the professionals at Imperial Drywall can help! We handle texture work in every way, from the planning to the application. We value your time and will make sure the final stages of your renovation are done quickly. Your finished renovation is guaranteed to look great when you trust us for the job!


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