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If a specific room ends up suffering from a lot of humidity, or you live in a heavy precipitation area, it may be time to invest in water-resistant drywall.

For most, mold-resistant backboards are typically enough when it comes to high-humidity areas or areas of your house that experience regular water exposure in some form, like washrooms. However, if your washroom uses a steam shower or another room of your house is regularly affected by steam somehow, then the typical mold-resistant board isn’t going to cut it. In this case, you’ll need some sort of membrane between the board itself and the wall to prevent the steam from getting behind it.

Water-Resistant Drywall

Always do your research when it comes to picking what type of water-resistant drywall to use. The bare minimum is a mold-resistant backboard, but it never hurts to go beyond the minimum and make sure your drywall is as protected as possible. There are roll-on membranes that can go overtop the backboard or wallboards with pre-attached membranes for easier installation and less hassle. If you’re thinking of tiling, then putting silicone over the joints can be a good start. There are plenty of different systems and methods out there, so do your research and find which method is the best for your needs.

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