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There are a number of advantages to using drywall, although there are a few disadvantages as well, and understanding both can help you decide whether the installation of drywall is right for you. Using the right building materials is extremely important and both your walls and ceilings must be durable. Whether you are remodeling your home or are in the process of new home construction, drywall is definitely an option to consider, and the following guide will provide you with both the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

Using Drywall Pros

● Drywall can be installed quickly, and the process is much faster when compared to traditional plaster. Drywall itself is heavy, however, professional companies will be able to install it fast through the use of the proper lifting machines and equipment. This is one of the main advantages and one of the reasons why it is such a popular option.

● It is a cost-effective option.

● It is fire-resistant, so the material will prevent any fires from spreading.

● While it is mostly used for the construction of walls and ceilings, it can also be used as a partition. Drywall can be removed and installed easily and can also be cut in all sizes, meaning you can patch a hole simply by cutting a piece of drywall and fitting it to cover the gap.

Drywall ceilings and walls allow you to hang anything you want with ease, and you will be able to install recessed lighting.

Using Drywall Cons

● Drywall is not resistant to water, so if it is installed in bathrooms or basements, the moisture from these rooms can affect its condition. Damp drywall is very problematic because it would allow mold infestations to occur and if water damage is ever-present, the drywall would have to be replaced. Getting drywall with fiberglass instead of paper is an effective solution, as it would make the drywall more water-resistant.

● Drywall surfaces are prone to damage because they are not resistant to impact and can become easily damaged. This means you may run into holes, damaged corners, and cracked joints, but plastering over the drywall can help with this problem.

● Only professional technicians can install drywall because it must be done perfectly, or you will run into a number of problems. Drywall also generates a lot of dust, so the room will have to be prepared prior to the installation to prevent the dust from spreading all over the house.

There are a lot more advantages to drywall than disadvantages, and the cons can be fixed because there are solutions that can eliminate potential problems. Imperial Drywall can help you make an informed decision because we are one of the leading drywall companies in the Edmonton area. Our contractors specialize in spray foam insulation, attic insulation, and T-bar ceilings, so if you want to work with a reputable team, give us a call today!